AWSA South Central Region

2014 AWSA Rulebook Published

Download your copy of the 2014 AWSA Rulebook.

SCR JD Scholarship Recipients

The Junior Development Committee Congratulates the following Junior Skiers who were awarded a scholarship for the 2014 Ski Season.

SCR joins the FaceBook Community

Be sure to follow the SCR FaceBook page for quick updates and exciting news from around the SCR.

2014 USAWS/AWSA Nationals Host is San Marcos River Ranch

Water Ski Nationals comes to San Marcos River Ranch in Martindale, Texas in 2014. Follow the SMRR Facebook Page as they prepare to host Nationals in the SCR!

SCR Calendar of Events

Click the Calendar Tab on the SCR home page to view the SCR Google Calendar Tournaments, meetings and clinics added for the 2014 season as they are sanctioned on the USAWater Ski Events site.

Approaching Events

Slalom Water skiing Slalom

Everyone who has ever thrown up a wall of water with a single ski has dreamed of sweeping around the buoys in a slalom course. But there’s a lot more to competitive slalom skiing than big spray and getting your shoulder close to the water!

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Slalom Water skiing Trick AKA Shortboarding

Gymnastics behind a boat Twists. Spins. Even flips. Like a gymnast on the water, trick skiers combine cat-like agility with Herculean strength to perform as many different ticks as possible in two 20-second passes.

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Slalom Water skiing Jumping

What goes up must come down. Looking at it from the shoreline, the ski ramp looks like a harmless, gentle incline. But approaching it on a pair of skis, it looks more like a wall. You swallow hard, because once you hit it…

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Overal Overall

Overall skiing is the combination of the three events, slalom, trick and jump.  Often compared to the decathlon in track/field athletics or the combined in snow skiing, overall waterskiing is a horse race that takes a special discipline and toll on skiing athletes.  Always a crowd favorite!

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Our Mission is to grow, promote and celebrate the sport of competitive 3-event water skiing in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi,.....

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